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richard knaggs & anna zanders

Richard John Knaggs
Anna Wilhelmina Caroline Zanders

1898 Omaha

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Arthur Joseph Moore
Wilhelmina (Betty) Jones

1950 Wellington

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Arthur Moore
Myrtle Alice Thompson

1926 Wellington

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Adam John Moore

30 May 1977 - 03 May 2014 adam john moore


On May 03, 2014, Adam Moore died suddenly - age 36.
Adam's brilliant and cryptic mind captivated many and his gruff charm and creative soul deeply affected those who were lucky enough to know him over the years . . . .

Rest in peace, you loveable rogue.

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Carol and Barry

First, My sister Carol, with her husband Barry, who spent countless hours travelling the country, manually recording research in libraries and cemetaries, taking thousands of photographs and purchasing hundreds of Birth Death Marriage certificates. (sound familier anyone). Without their work none of this would be possible. Sis, you are a legend..
My ever patient wife, who dragged a desk and all my papers into a corner of our lounge, to remind me I still have a living family.... The twins who at 12 years old, freely accept that any family trip could mean another cemetery visited on the way..
There are many people who have assisted, and to mention a few...Martin Waetford, a gentleman who I had the priviledge of spending a bit of time, He is sadly missed... The Harper girls, for your library of Jones photos...Ed Zanders (UK) for his precision with the Zanders line....the list goes on...
This is a constant "work in progress" and it could not exist without the growing support of we have received.
All contributors, your comments (good and bad) make this work, and I thank you ALL for your input and assistance

Why do this ?

This site is a live study of our families and the tracing of their lineages and history. Our family history applies to biographical research into our ancestors - putting flesh on the bones, so to speak. The aim is to produce an accurate, well-documented narrative history for family members and other interested researchers.
Hopefully, this work will never be completed.....

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Some names, brief stories and always more questions

MOORE, Arthur born c1797 Ireland - wife Judith
A weaver, his son James was born c1838 in Manchester, Lancashire
1851 census finds this family is in Macclesfield Cheshire, working in the silk 'hand loom' trade.
Arthurs birthplace in Ireland, and life before moving to England is unknown.

MOORE, James born c1860 London, England was the son of James (above) and Isabella nee HARRIS.
He arrived in NZ about Feb. 1881 and 18 months later married Margaret Jane WELLS, a spinster of Wellington, NZ
There were 2 children to this marriage - Arthur b:1883 and James b:1885.
Sometime before 1892 James had died (or dissapeared) and 1892 Margaret had married Albert Henry GREER and started another family in Johnsoville. We are still unsuccessful, in finding what happened to this James MOORE.
The mystery of Margaret is much greater.
According to certificates obtained, she was born sometime between 1859 & 1866 and her maiden name could be WELLS, BULLOCK, TWYNEHAM or TWINEHAM. The fact that she was born in Ireland, has been the only constant piece of data about this lady. James MOORE & Margaret (WELLS -for now) are gt.grandparents of ours and we would appreciate any assistance in finding out more about these two.
ZANDERS, John Emil Oscar (the son of a bricklayer), was born in Berlin, Germany and married Caroline Friedericke GESERICK of Luckenwalde. In October 1876. They emigrated, with their 2 eldest children, on the `Lammershagen' to Maryborough, Qld, Australia, and by the middle of 1879, they were in New Zealand. They lived mostly around the Warkworth area and further north in Whangarei for awhile. They had 11 children in all, losing 2 in infancy. John Emil was a cabinetmaker of some repute and some of his furniture still stands in historical houses. Their 2nd child, Anna Wilhelmina Caroline (our gt.grandmother) b.1875 Berlin married Richard John KNAGGS - the son of George William KNAGGS and Isabella nee KEMPT. George was born 1841 in Kilham, East Yorkshire, England and had arrived in NZ on the `Whirlwind' in 1859 with his Parents - Richard KNAGGS and Elizabeth nee WILSON. Isabella KEMPT had arrived in NZ from Nova Scotia on the `Ellen Lewis' in May 1860 with her Parents - Duncan KEMPT and Mary nee MORRISON
WAETFORD, Charles Berry born 03 Apr 1808 London to Richard WALFORD and Patty BERRY
CBW arrived in NZ abt 1839 and his name had changed from WALFORD to WAETFORD.  Many family stories exist to explain this, from him being a disgraced Vet or Doctor, a young man who illegally transported Brandy to England down to a thief who was sent to the colonies in Australia and made his way to NZ... We do not have a solid proven reason to date...Someone must 'want' to share this with the world...
CBW was an interesting and active parpticpant of the times, and left a unique and strong legacy in the Northland turmoil in the later part of the 1800's.   Our first records of him NZ are in 1839, but by 1842 he was seen trading in the "FeeGee's", was mentioned in consular despatches and had aquired land holdings.   In 1845 we have him charged with treason for "Aiding and abetting the Maori", trading arms (gun running with the natives) and shipping goods to and from Sydney, Wellington and Auckland.
He married Heni TiIhi Clark and died 1879 leaving 2 sons and 2 daughters. One of his daughters Eliza Patty married Nathaniel Andrew Jones 1884. Eliza Patty is our Gr Grandmother.

CLARK/E David Capt. born c1766 died 1831 (father of Heni TiIhi Clark)
Our story with David Clark started with the birth in 1825 of Heni (Jane) to Patuwhairi, who was the daughter of Ihutai chief Te Wharepapa (Tohu Kakahi),   and the short period of time that he was the superintendant of the Horeke shipyard that built 3 schooners. 
David Clark is reported as being Scottish and his liasons with at least 2 of the daughters of Te Wharepapa produced children. The most common story is that Clark "was with" the 3rd daughter Patuwhakairi and had a daughter named Heni TeIhi, then he left her and went to Horeke, then came back and married Parehuia, not Patuwhakairi. This caused no small problems and when Clark died 2 yrs later, then Patu's daughter, Heni an outsider as Clark had caused family problems by marrying Parehuia.  
Clarks other child was by Parehuia, an infant when he died, Hori Karaka (George Clark) Tawhiti who became member of the house of representatives for northern Maori.